Linden Lab to sell Sansar

During Lab Gab episode 14, Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, confirmed they have decided not to continue taking Sansar, the social virtual reality platform, forward.

Sadly we have decided we as Linden Lab couldn’t continue to sponsor the project financially so we’re looking for a plan B for Sansar to continue. I can’t say much but we’re having interesting conversations with several parties to help that project move forward… but no deal is done yet, so people will have to be patient to see what happens with it. But yes it’s true that Linden Lab going forward will focus entirely on Second Life and Tilia. But I’m still busy making sure Sansar finds a great home.

First launched in beta on 31 July 2017, Sansar enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences, such as playing games, watching videos, and having conversations in VR.

Josephina Bonetto

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